Product & Services

Prime Engineering Corporation provides Sales support in the field of Pneumatic Equipment, Instrumentation & Control systems, Filtration System, Hydraulic System and various engineered products, Services and Specialized solution to Power Industries by supplying them the latest designed products to run their old and new plants with high efficiency and optimum investment to achieve maximum output.


PEC supplies products like Control valves, Online valves, Safety valves, Solenoid valves, Transmitters, Specially Designed valves, Pumps, Online Analyser systems for various applications, Mechanical Seal, Portable Instruments and specific engineering solutions which customer is unable to source easily from the market. PEC supplies these quality products by representing international brands in the power sectors as per applicable codes & standards i.e. ASME Sec-I, ASME Sec-III, SME Sec-VIII, UV Stamp, V-Stamp, N-Stamp etc.


PEC also provides specialized services in terms of Annual Maintenance Contract and Special Shutdown Maintenance contracts for their supplied products.



Bonetti BLLWLP idx Bonetti BLY idx Bonetti CMIGT idx Bonetti Mag2 idx Bonetti PIST idx

Bonetti WBY idx Bont Bellow Seal valve Bont Level Bont Level 01 Dionex IC

Dionex Ion Chromatograph FS Gas lubricated mechanica Flowserve Mech Seal HYDAC Accumulators HYDAC Filters

HYDAC1 ION CHROMATOGRAPHY Safety Valve Safety Valve2 Testo Flue Gas Analysers

Testo thermal imager WEIR Changeover valve WEIR POPRV1 WEIR POPRV2 WEIR POPRV3

flowserve QB cutaway testo 6651 01